Cibele (Dandara Adrien), codename #babynymph, is the portrait of a generation that lives to enjoy and be enjoyed. Like so many, she believes that happiness only exists if it is shared. Along with her friend Daiana (Giovanna Almeida), Cibele wanted to live an unforgettable weekend and share every minute of it. She just didn’t imagine it could become a matter of life and death. #babynymph, a low-budget film that is surprising audiences and has won 51 laurels around the world.

Feature film
Release year: 2016
Gender: Horror / Mystery / Drama
Runtime: 80 minutes


Written and Directed by
Aldo Pedrosa

Produced by
Ari Morais, Aldo Pedrosa, Antonio Almeida, Alê Ferreira, Ricardo Tilim

Executive Poducers
Kate Árabe e Aldo Pedrosa

Dandara Adrien, Giovanna Almeida, Rita Monteiro, Rafael Ferreira, Mayron Engel, Rodrigo Chagas, Anderson Ued, Edgard Júnior e Guilherme Martins

Music by
Sexy Lollipop

Director of Photography
Ricardo Tilim

Production Designer
Priscila Sabino

Art Director
Ericsson Fonseca

Visual Effects
Leonardo Ramalho, Fábio Ramalho e Renê Vieira

Sound Design
Antônio Almeida e Alê Ferreira

Aldo Pedrosa, Ycaro Prata e Diego Aragão

Costumes and Makeup
Clarissa Mendes

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