About us

We are an independent film production company focused on creating high-quality entertainment through compelling and inspiring storytelling.

Our projects include films, series, animation, and reality shows. Since our inception, we have developed several projects, showcasing a growing and diversified portfolio.

One of our notable projects is the feature film #babynymph, which won more than 50 laurels in festivals around the world. The film is the portrait of a generation that lives to enjoy and be enjoyed.

In addition to #babynymph, we have also produced several films including the short films “Zebu: The Odyssey” and “#Noir”. We have also created pilots for the series projects, including “The Hateful Survivors of the Round Earth“ and “#Nymphs”.

At Technoscope Films, we are always looking for innovative ways to bring compelling stories to life, always committed to exploring new horizons and partnerships to develop projects across different formats and languages. Our ultimate goal is to produce exceptional stories that engage and captivate audiences.

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